Supply Chain Management​

Average supply chain management won’t cut it in today’s competitive landscape. Brankit knows the ins and outs of SCM like no other – let us be your secret weapon for success

Behind every great marketing campaign stands a robust supply chain, ensuring that promises made are promises kept and customer satisfaction soars

Our Approach

Connecting the Dots

We develop a map of your supply chain and processes within the company to help you see the big picture and develop effective strategies.


Segment products using historical demand allowing us to focus on the most important aspects that drive success for your business.

Demand Forecasting

Stay ahead of demand fluctuations with highly accurate SKU-level forecasting models, providing customized forecasts tailored to your unique needs.

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory levels by implementing Order Up-To-Level model across Amazon, 3PL warehouses, and suppliers, ensuring you always have the right amount of stock.

Services we offerr

End-to-End Supply Chain Management:

From Supplier to the end customer including daily inventory management and automation in your processes

Tailored 3PL Solutions:

A boost to your bottom line profits with our 3PL partner network

Global Product Sourcing:

Identifying and procuring high-quality products with better pricing

Market Expansion Support:

Facilitating your brand’s entry into new markets

Customized ERP Solutions:

To align with your business processes and unique requirements.

SaaS Tools Implementation:

To automate inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and order management

Data Analytics and Reporting:

Measuring performance against predefined KPIs, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

Customer Stories

We have many reasons to prove our customers love us

Navigating Success With Us

We partner with industry leaders! Join us as we set sail through
insightful conversations with experts, sharing the latest knowledge

What Our Clients Say About Us

By upholding a 100% retention rate, we prioritize all clients equally,
propelling them towards achievements and shared success.


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We craft solutions with automated systems, tools, and solid strategies to save your business from harsh surprises on cash flow & inventory.


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