Streamlining Replenishment Analysis for an Amazon Aggregator Business Saving 10 Hours/Week in Operations & 40% Revenue Increased

Project Summary

Brankit redefined the replenishment analysis process for an aggregator juggling over 20+ brands and 1000+ SKUs. Our streamlined method simplifies complexity, saving time while upholding efficiency.
Integration of data into a single Dashboard improved the inventory management process and allowed us to achieve 99% in-stock rate, saving 10 hours/week in Operations and 40% increase in Revenue.

Initial Hurdles

Our client battled complex stock calculations
with manual process.

  1. Difficulty in meeting targets: The client encountered challenges in tracking stock levels, resulting in time-consuming manual assessments. This led to poor decisions and out-of-stock problems, impacting revenue and growth.
  2. Less Visibility: The Client was having less visibility on the relevant data as there was no unified dashboard leading to a lot of manual effort and difficulty in taking decisions.
  3. Missing Product Database: The client lacked an efficient product database, causing hurdles in shipment creation and data validation. This information gap disrupted operations, highlighting the need for a streamlined solution.
  4. No Product Segmentation: The absence of product segmentation resulted in a scattered focus, diverting attention from high-revenue-generating items. This impacted the ability to maximize the potential earnings.

Plan of Action

  1. Dashboard Creation for visible data: Brankit created a unified dashboard to enable inventory management integrating data from Amazon, 3PL, Suppliers & Sales Team reflecting the status of 1000+ SKUs at one place with all the relevant data such as monthly sales, daily sales, DoH in-transit, DoH at Amazon, etc. leading to efficient decision making within no time.
  2. Automations to save time: We created automations for repetitive work saving 10 hours/week in operations. Automations were created for shipment approvals, calculation of replenishment needs and shipment creation.
  3. Product Database: Created a database for products and integrated that with the dashboard to have visibility from Marketplace to Sales Channels to item level.
  4. Brankit Specializes in managing Teams: We created Structured SOPs on how a task can be performed in the most efficient manner taking less manual effort and time. SOPs include short videos as well as step by step procedures in written form.
  5. Product Rationalization: We were able to cut down the low performing SKUs which helped us to focus on high performing products, reduce down inventory on-hand and developed a process to move out slow moving products.

Outcomes Achieved

  1. Increased Revenue: We achieved 99% In-stock Rate in 90 days resulting in the Revenue Increase of 40%.
  2. Meeting Replenishment KPIs: Dashboard provides a clear view on the Days of Inventory in Amazon & In-transit to Amazon for each SKU, this helps in maintaining the targeted Days of Inventory and improving the overall Inventory management between Amazon and 3PL.
  3. Time Saving in Operations: Creating automations and introducing an optimized way of replenishment resulted in saving 10 hours/week, allowing more time to focus on important business areas.
  4. Visibility: Our unified dashboard provided a comprehensive view of Inventory data at SKU level, including daily and monthly sales, Amazon and 3PL inventory levels, and shipment requirements.

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